Analisis Kritis Terhadap Pendayagunaan Zakat Untuk Memberantas Kemiskinan


  • Burhanudin Universitas Islam Malang


Zakat, Poor


Zakat is not something that is foreign to the Islamic world, but zakat is a solution for Muslims to build ukhuwah Islamiyah and share love between the rich and the poor. Although in reality humans are born the same, but in its development it can be different, depending on talent, skills, environment, life experience, and so on. The talents and opportunities possessed by humans will have implications for the existence of different abilities, and different abilities will have implications for the division of labor in society.

As well as the different division of labor will result in different fields of work and business, which in each person will cause differences in income and income for everyone. So there is a need for awareness for rich people about the obligation of zakat, and reaffirmation for the pious people to provide guidance on the axiological meaning of zakat itself, because the verse on the obligation of zakat in the Qur'an is coupled with a verse that requires zakat. prayer, means in short that the power of law and also the fadilah of zakat is not much different from prayer. Poverty in our country is decreasing year by year but the number of poverty is increasing, and it becomes a problem for our country, especially for the government. Therefore, zakat is one form of effort to reduce poverty in our country.




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