Prinsip Pendidikan Moral Pada Anak Menurut Abdullah Nashih Ulwan


  • Sumiyati


Principle, Moral education


This study aims to obtain knowledge and information based on true and reliable facts and data about the principles of children's moral education according to Abdullah Nashih Ulwan and Knowing the relevance of Abdullah Nashih Ulwan's moral education thinking in answering human problems today, with the hope of contributing to the development of the treasures of science. knowledge, especially for the advancement of education, especially regarding the moral education of children according to Abdullah Nashih Ulwan which has not been done proportionally, especially in Indonesia.

In this thesis writing research uses a textual approach, an approach that seeks to understand how the principles of moral education in children according to Abdullah Nashih Ulwan by exploring the results of his works. It will be contextualized with the social reality of modern society today. So in this case, the authors conduct a type of library research (library research). In this case, the author collects books, articles, internet data that have relevance to the author's subject matter. The results of the research on Abdullah Nashih Ulwan's thoughts on moral education all started from Abdullah Nashih Ulwan's concept of his considerable integrity in the education of future generations. The principle of moral education referred to here is a set of basic moral principles and the virtues of attitude and character (character) that must be possessed and made a habit by children from the beginning until they become a mukallaf, that is, ready to wade through the ocean of life.




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