Pembaharuan Islam dan Moderenesasi


  • Ismail Stai mempawah


Renewal, Islam, Modernization


This study discusses Islamic renewal and modernization. Starting from the 19th century, between Islam and modernization demands renewal which has been studied by Muslim and non-Muslim intellectuals. This is because the dynamic demands of modern times are so complex, so it is necessary to adapt. For this reason, the topic of renewal and modernization in Islam needs to be discussed further regarding the extent to which the terms of renewal and modernization are considered dynamic. This research is included in the literature review with the stages of analysis in the form of data reduction, data exposure, and conclusions/verification. The results show that the role of Muslim and non-Muslim intellectuals greatly influences the thinking image of Islamic studies activists. The renewal of Islam in modern times is part of a change in the way of thinking through the results of ijtihad that responds to social changes, but the roots of Islamic theology and tradition are maintained and their originality is maintained.




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