Implementasi Layanan Hibalitasi dan Rehabilitasi Dalam Peningkatan Pelayanan Rehabilitasi Sosial Bagi Penyandang Disabilitas


  • Rondang Herlina


Persons with Disabilities;, Habilitation;, Rehabilitation


The State of Indonesia is a legal state that has been contained in the 1945 Constitution in Article 1 paragraph (3), which implies that every citizen has the same position before the law, no one has immunity and privileges against the law. Because Indonesia is a state of law, the democratic system upholds the values ​​of justice for all Indonesian people. The concept of legal justice in creating a legal state that gives a sense of justice to every citizen is based on the provisions of laws and regulations so that they are orderly and orderly in their enforcement. In the end, the resulting law is a good and quality law in order to achieve the goals of justice and welfare for the Indonesian people as a whole, including persons with disabilities as holders of power and state sovereignty. Justice and welfare for all Indonesian people, including persons with disabilities where in improving their welfare, habilitation and rehabilitation services are needed as stipulated in Government Regulation Number 75 of 2020 concerning Habilitation and Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disabilities. Meanwhile, Persons with Disabilities have also been regulated in Law Number 8 of 2016


The purpose of this study is to determine the implementation or application of Government Regulation Number 75 of 2020, in particular Article 26 paragraph (1), regarding the efforts that have been made by the Regional Government towards habilitation and rehabilitation services for Persons with Disabilities.


This study uses an empirical qualitative approach. Collecting data by means of observation, interviews and documentation. The analysis technique is done by data reduction, data verification and data analysis. While checking the validity of the data is done by triangulation method. The results of this study are: (1) Government Regulation Number 75 of 2020 regarding institutions as referred to in Article 26 paragraph (1) cannot be implemented by the Regional Government, the services provided are only in the form of assistance for persons with disabilities carried out by the Department of Social Affairs, Empowerment Women and Child Protection, Community Empowerment and Village Administration (2) Handling of Habilitation and Rehabilitation cannot be carried out comprehensively and multisectorally, comprehensive handling is a series of comprehensive treatments that involve various aspects in an integrated manner in accordance with the variety of Persons with Disabilities and multisectoral handling is carried out by the ministry /institutions related to Habilitation and Rehabilitation services.




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